Introducing POGO Automatic®

Blood glucose testing, simplified.

The POGO Automatic® meter is a new way to test blood glucose. Turn on meter, then just Press Once. GO! It’s simple, discreet, and won’t get in the way of your life. Just load the 10-test cartridge, turn on the meter and press your finger on the blue button. The meter does the rest.  It’s that simple.

Testing with POGO Automatic®

Test your blood glucose on your own terms.

Just press your finger on the blue button for automatic lancing and blood collection. Making it easy to test almost anywhere, any time. Never handle another test strip or lancet again.

Results with POGO Automatic®

Fast results in just one step.

With most blood glucose meters, the time required to test takes away precious minutes from your life. With POGO Automatic®, you get your result quickly without skipping a beat in your daily routine.

The POGO Automatic® Cartridge

10 complete tests in one tiny package.

The POGO Automatic® System combines lancing and blood collection in a single 10-test cartridge. No more loading individual lancets and test strips—or handling and disposing of supplies. Just insert a POGO Automatic® test cartridge and it does the work for you.

POGO Automatic® + Patterns®

Together, they make managing your health easier.

The free Patterns app syncs your POGO Automatic® data, so you can easily track your blood glucose results on your iOS or Android-based phone or desktop PC.

Also, our live, one-on-one health coaching program pairs you with a certified diabetes educator (CDE) to provide personalized support, guidance and resources to manage your diabetes, health and well-being.